CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Privacy Statement

CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. knows that you care about your privacy. Thank you for trusting us to protect you and the information that you share. We too care about privacy. We respect the privacy of every individual and organization that visits our Web site(s) or responds to an online invitation. This Privacy Statement outlines the information gathering and dissemination practices for CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web site(s).

We have implemented this Privacy Statement on the CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. home page ( and have instructed our Web masters to include the Privacy Statement in all CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web site(s) where information may be requested or collected by us.

Your use of an CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web site signifies your acceptance of the CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Privacy Statement.

CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. strives to comply with all applicable laws around the world that are designed to protect your privacy. Although legal requirements may vary from country to country, CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. intends to adhere to the principles set forth in this Privacy Statement even if, in conjunction with the above, we transfer your information from your country of residence to countries that may not require the same level of protection for your information. In other words, our goal is to protect your information no matter where that information is collected, transported, or retained.

What Information Is Collected From You?
You may visit CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. sites anonymously or as a registered guest. Whether you visit our sites in an anonymous or registered fashion, information may be collected from you. CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. collects both identifiable and anonymous information.

Online Advertising
CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. works with certain companies to deliver CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. banner ads. These companies may collect information to help us determine which products, services, and offers are of the most interest to our current and future customers. The information that is collected is not identifiable at an individual or company level. It is aggregated at an anonymous level to provide us with general statistics and trends.

Information Access, Quality, and Sharing
CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. provides you with the right to access the identifiable information that we have collected from you. You also have the ability to request additions, modifications, and deletions to this information. If you would like to request access or make modifications to your identifiable information, please submit your inquiry to

If you are a registered user of any one of our CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web sites, you can verify some of your identifiable information at - Profile. If you have submitted information to a CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web site or online invitation, and would like that information deleted from our records, please contact We shall endeavor to delete this information from our files.

If you choose to provide us with your identifiable information, we may transfer that information, within CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. or to CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd.'s business customers, across borders and from your country of residence or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. For example, if you participated in a site contest, your contact information could be shared with a fulfillment agency that would ship you your contest prize. CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. will only share identifiable information with its business customers, if you have provided us with consent to do so.

In the event that CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. sells a part or parts of its business, the identifiable information that CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. has collected could be transferred to the acquiring company unless you instruct CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. not to do so in writing.

Information Security
The security of your identifiable information is of the utmost importance to CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. We use industry standard technologies such as token-based authentication, PKI, VPN, SSL, and other security technologies to protect your information. If you are a registered guest at a CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. site, we employ an authentication process to verify your identity. A User ID and Password is provided to grant you access to your identifiable information and Services.

The following activities are examples of actions that are conducted within secure domains of the CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. infrastructure: entering or changing your password, editing account details, viewing proprietary information (such as order status information), and other actions requiring authorization.

Please take note of the following to ensure information security:

Business Relationships
During your online CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. experience, you may encounter links to the sites of CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd.'s business customers or partners who might include standards bodies, customers, channel customers, or suppliers. Though a connection might be made to a CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. business customer site, CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is not responsible for the privacy practices of our business customers.

Common Questions Concerning Your Privacy
The following are some common questions you may have about CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd.'sPrivacy Statement:

What does CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. do with the information that we collect?
CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. uses the information that we collect to improve services so we can:

When will CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. contact me? CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. will contact you based on your preferences. An opt-in box is provided in information collection fields that allow you to control and limit the contact that CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. can have with you.

What About Cookies?
CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web site(s) use cookie technologies. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers placed on your hard drive after you visit CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web sites. Your browser manages the cookie. You have the choice of whether or not to accept a cookie by means of your browser settings. Please note that by disabling cookies you may not be able to use certain features and functionalities of CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Web sites. You should review your browser instructions for other guidelines on cookie use.

CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. uses cookies to better serve you. We currently use cookie technology in the following ways to:

Questions and Notification of Changes
If you have any questions about the CGS Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Privacy Statement or would like to access or modify your identifiable information, please contact