Our Mission & Vision

The new Millennium sees CGS Solutions branching out into the provision of even more value added services that ties into our current product/service range. By partnering and forming strategic alliances with other leading IT companies, we can offer extended services beyond our in-house skills, giving us the leading edge in providing One-Stop Solutions


CGS Solutions’ Corporate Mission is to provide exceptional, comprehensive and timely telecom services to clients in South Africa and Africa, while maximizing returns for stakeholders.

CGS Solutions is committed to building on strengths that will distinguish the Company, enhance its reputation and ensure prosperity. We will focus on:  - Creativity and diligence in the provision of efficient telecommunications.  - Entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork.  - Diligent pursuit of prosperity for our clients and stakeholders.


To ensure the highest standard of professionalism, our corporate values include:

  • Integrity:   We shall be honest, fair, and consistent in accordance with the spirit of honorable conduct.

  • Commitment:   We shall seek to understand and address client’s issues and concerns in a timely manner.

  • Superior Service:   We shall offer best quality and excellence in the provision of client services, and all other undertakings.

  • Discipline:   We shall service all clients with discipline.

CGS Solutions on a competitive basis will provide telecommunication and other Internet related services of the highest standard and quality in South Africa and Africa. The vision as directed will require that the appropriate infrastructure and management group be assembled to enhance the image of the company and guarantee the company’s viability. The standard and quality of services the company promises to deliver will require the employment of an effective market presence at both national and international levels.


Our insistence on honesty and value ensures that we will be going strong, 5,10 and 15 years from now.



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