Company Profile

CGS Solutions founded in 2004 is a young aggressive limited liability company. The objects of CGS Solutions are to provide Implementation Services to Companies focusing on providing cost effective Telecommunication Solutions to service providers, by reducing their overheads but not compromising in service delivery. CGS Solutions has introduced an effective integration of technology provision and high quality service provision. 

CGS Solutions is a Service Provider, which would offer services to Technology suppliers as its focus and minimally extending services to corporate entities, households and individuals.


CGS Solutions has a management team with excellent academic and industry backgrounds, as well as a wealth of experience required to manage and carry through the objectives of the company. This will ensure the success of operations and profitability of CGS Solutions. The objective of management is to create and maintain an environment, which will facilitate the efficient and expeditious implementation of the project and provision of telecommunication services to every part of South Africa, and Africa as a whole.


CGS Solutions and it's staff members are uniquely positioned to understand customers' needs and frustrations in this ever-changing industry.


CGS Solutions is an Empowerment, Equal Opportunity Company who does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, gender or social status, complying with the Employment Equity Act, Act 55 of 1998.



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